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  • Twitting From the Inside of Iron Shell

    • UPS lost my package with 32GB HP Touchpad ordered from bestbuy.com on last minute fire sale. AARGH! 5 years ago
    • Just Pre Registered for Otacon 2011! C U in Baltimore. 6 years ago
    • Passing through Philly on the way back from a business trip. Having a Philly cheese steak at a local diner. 6 years ago
    • Hokkaido fair at Mitsuwa supermarket. Having a great miso ramen. 6 years ago
    • Aquarium with electronic fish. aka Secret Project.: http://wp.me/pGGTX-aw 6 years ago
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    • New Character for Mario
      Mario gets a new character. https://www.instagram.com/p/BV0scOIBnuz/
    • Mirai Store Tokyo
      This is Mirai Store Tokyo when it's not so crowded. 今日のミライストアは穏やかで混んでいない方です。 https://www.instagram.com/p/BVvytUnhJFr/
    • After Tokyo Storm
      On the way home after the #tokyo storm. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVsyVnzhlFG/
    • Pew Pew Corner
      The pew pew corner in the office. 社内ゲームコーナー設置。 https://www.instagram.com/p/BVm2rl8BjlY/
    • Lelouch Smartdoll "Normal"
      Lelouch #smartdoll. Pre-orders open soon. Comes with 2 faceups & 2 wigs. This faceup is the "Normal" version. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVmw51cB-Sb/
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Another week of September

Mid-September, went to a Staten Island to visit a friend of mine and have a bicycle ride along board walk:

Verazano’s Bridge Staten Island end.

View over Hudson River and Manhattan Lower Side

The old fort that guarded Hudson River during WW2, Brooklyn is on the other side

Well it’s 100% true what they say about russian blokes here. They love sushi, i’m no exception. First time trying sushi I thought, “- So what the fuss is all about?” It’s a “raw fish wrapped in rice” nothing special, whatsoever. After second or third time it hit me – it is absolutely and utterly delicious. And since then, I haven’t spent a week without having a bite.

So, today’s lunch – some nigiri sushi, ginza roll. Kagamin~ would like to have 2 pieces as well.

About McD’s fries, strange combination isn’t it? I hardly ever eat fast food, unbelievable for a so-called american, but true, just don’t like the after taste and that feeling of a bloated stomach. But today I just went for a medium fries, just for a heck of it.


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