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    • @ASUS How long does it take to replace a broken Video Card? Sent an RMA for GTX1070 16 days ago still no response! 1 month ago
    • UPS lost my package with 32GB HP Touchpad ordered from bestbuy.com on last minute fire sale. AARGH! 6 years ago
    • Just Pre Registered for Otacon 2011! C U in Baltimore. 6 years ago
    • Passing through Philly on the way back from a business trip. Having a Philly cheese steak at a local diner. 6 years ago
    • Hokkaido fair at Mitsuwa supermarket. Having a great miso ramen. 7 years ago
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  • View from the ocular.

Vacation Upstate New York

Trying to catch up with all the photos that I took during this summer.
So, today’s article about a bicycle trip through Catskill Scenic trail.

That’s what I like Catskill mountains for – splendid, peaceful vistas.

A work-horse of mine: Trek 820 – first bicycle that I rode, since I was 15.

Another gorgeous vista mountain creak rushing into a valley.

I started in the middle of the trail – at the old train station, first rode north, and that’s the end of the trail on the picture – Sign reads: 19.4 miles/(31.22 kilometers) to Grand Gorge (south end). That day I spent 5 hours on a bicycle and rode 40 miles/60 km.

A dreadful animal of the trail.

And two more. Frankly saying I was pretty surprised seeing Lamas grazing on the field in Upstate New York. Apparently quite a few farmers keep them for their fur.

Basically – a swamp.


2 Responses

  1. Looks like it was a nice trip. Your bicycle still looks new.

    Why do ppl keep Lamas there? for their wool? can’t remember seing any lama in a field here in Portugal.

    • It’s 2 years old. I only ride it on the tarmac along canal, took it to the trail only few times.
      Lamas, phew… a big surprise for me as well, I can only assume that those folks keep them for their wool.
      Does anyone knows what else are they good for?

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