Another Tank’s Favorite Fuel

As I mentioned before, being deprived from my most favorite beer, I had to search for alternatives. I must acknowledge the diversity and widest choice imaginable out here, in US. With very little effort, by very little effort – I mean a trip to a corner grocery store, you can acquire German, Mexican, Belgian, British, and of course American beers. Widest selection that I ever saw in my entire life. So, after years of tasting and choosing, second place goes to Guinness Draught, pan-paka-pan! Extra stout is just too bitter to my taste.

I do really enjoy grabbing a pint with a snack while watching TV once in a blue moon. Today my snack is crayfish, hadn’t had those for years.


Several peculiar facts about Guinness beer:

– It isn’t carbonated with carbon dioxide, but with nitrogen.

– Because it’s carbonated with nitrogen it has thicker foam and a distinctive taste .

– Under no circumstances should you drink it out of the bottle or a can, but rather poor it into a glass and wait for about two minutes, 119.53 seconds to be precise, to let the foam settle.

– While waiting, you can enjoy the “Sinking bubbles” effect – unique to Guinness beer.  Note that the gas bubbles appear to travel downwards in a pint.

– Making a bomb out of it – dropping a shot  of scotch into a pint and then gulping it – isn’t a good idea at all.


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