Not So Lucky Number Seven.

Recent hardware update on my mac went absolutely flawless. Besides little mix up with drive partitioning. As it turns out to be, if you plan to use Boot Camp for you Windows installation primary HDD absolutely has to be formated as a single Mac OS partition, and can be split up into several later on. Didn’t know that, had to reinstall. But still, using Time Machine is a breeze, complete restore took about 35 minutes.

Doesn’t it seem like allover sudden I start preaching Mac? Frankly saying I bought my Mac only a month ago, or so. Never even touched Mac OS  prior to that.

As far as Windows 7 Ultimate install went. Well, it didn’t went that far at all.

Trouble started to happen during install. After first reboot, installation halted, nothing happened – just plain black screen with mouse cursor still operational. Did some research – as it turned out to be, problem is the displays. System won’t come back on after monitor and video driver check. Solution is to unplug both monitors during first reboot, wait ’till video and monitor check will complete (about 10-15 minutes) and then plug monitor(s) back into the video card.

OK, done with  initial install and I’m finally contemplating glorious Aero desktop. Started with driver installation and then sudden freeze happened, system just halted and won’t respond. Keyboard – inactive and wireless activity light on the USB dongle is on all the time. So, reset it is. Rebooted, proceeded with drivers, system hanged up once again. I start getting frustrated, there’s nothing on this machine but bare bones Windows, updates, and latest drivers for everything. Nuked everything once again, reinstalled Windows and seconds after install finished, it hangs. Damn, I think, I hadn’t had a chance to do anything  at all.

Gave up this idea of migrating to Windows 7, probably ’till Microsoft releases Service Pack 1, or I dig out a solid solution for the problem at hand. Restored back to Vista, thanks to mighty Acronis True Image, it’s backups saved me numerous times. Glaring  at bloated, 15GB “winsxs” folder now and hating Microsoft.

Any possible solutions fro Windows7 random crash?


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