Asuka will be testing JLPT Level 1 skills.

There is not a hint of a doubt that anime is inseparable part social life in Japan.

And now it came to an extent that an extract from Hideaki Ano’s “Evangelion” will be the part of government’s official JLPT Level 1 proficiency exam, which tests one’s knowledge in Japanese language, emphasizing on auditioning part. It consists of four parts or levels, with Level one being the final, and the hardest part.

The lucky blokes that’ll be taking an exam any time soon might encounter an exact dialog from the series:

Man 1: Captain, our second line of defenses have been penetrated! The monster is heading straight for the Central Command Centre.
Man 2: At this rate, we won’t even last 30 minutes.
Captain: Which Model Fighters can be deployed right now?
Man 1: Just Unit 00.
Captain: Looks like we have no choice but to deploy Unit 04 as well.
Man 2: Testing for Unit 04 is still not completed yet. Besides, we don’t have anyone capable of piloting it.
Captain: Unit 00 won’t be able to stop that thing. So I will personally pilot Unit 04.
Man 1: You’re going yourself!? But Captain, you won’t be able to withstand Unit 04’s acceleration with that injury!
Woman: I will go!
Captain: Asuka!
Asuka: I will be able to control Unit 04. So please, let me go!
Captain: But you’re still a trainee. Now’s not the time for kids to show off their skills.
Asuka: Now’s not the time to argue about this! (Runs off)
Captain: Hey, Asuka! Wait!
Announcer: Unit 04 is now ready for launch.
Captain: Asuka, we’re counting on you.

Multiple choice:

1) The Captain deployed on Unit 00.
2) The Captain deployed on Unit 04.
3) The woman (Asuka) deployed on Unit 00.
4) The woman deployed on Unit 04.


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