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Tank is hovering on a new platform.

Well, it is true what people say: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”. That was my case precisely. For couple of days I was fiddling with Windows 7 installation. Kid you not, I restored my Vista from backup at least dozen of times. I personally prefer Acronis True Image, as my Windows backup software, currently running version 2009. That piece of software is a real life saver, full 2 volume restore took least than 15 minutes and I was up and running with that retched Vista.

But, back to the Windows 7 install. After some time it became more than clear that the problem that I’m experiencing – is a hardware issue. One or several components are causing kernel halt, throwing off a Kernel-Power 0x8000000000000002 error. As it turned out to be the cause of the problem laid in BIOS , memory controller if to be exact. As I updated my Asus Crosshair’s BIOS to the latest version, tweaked memory timing a bit and with that all the bricks fell into place, and now I’m running a stable system.

As I started using “the 7” I noticed a substantial performance gain, with a comparison to Vista. Windows are opening faster, copying files doesn’t take that much time any more, especially considering that my system drive is an SSD. Another issue popped up with network connection dropping while  under heavy load. For instance: using bit-torrent protocol transfer, watching You Tube. Any activity that opens multiple half-open connections will cause network to drop. Solution be – change half-open connection limit with TCPIP configuration tool, there are plenty out there in the internets. I used TCP-Z (TCP-Z Network Monitor), don’t really need to install the software, just the driver supplied with it.

Kind’a starting to get a hang of new Task Bar, still miss old XP-style Start menu. I’m pretty certain that this system will stay on my machine for a while.


UPDATE: Seems like the solution above doesn’t fork on all installations so tried another way, hopefully will work.
Disable the checkslum offload in Network adapter’s properties. I didn’t found checkslum, but i found a task offload, so decided to I disabled task instead of checkslum (Local Area Connection > Properties > Configure > Advanced > set Task Offload value off).

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