How do you dispose your old Hard Drives?

There were times, when Hard Disk Drives were small and expensive. I do remember myself hogging megabytes of free space, burning CDs and DVDs. Now it’s much more convenient to buy a NAS and few 1.5 Terabyte HDDs, slap them on the network and forget about endless DVDs, for now…

On the other hand what to do with old Hard Drives? Crushing poor pies of electronics, putting an end to their misery, is always an option. But I came up with something more subtle and involving.

A modified picture frame from IKEA turns an old Hard Disk Drive into a fine tabletop decoration.

Next on the list is connecting some sort of 12v. battery pack and a button to spin the Hard Drive. Anyone has an idea on how to do it?


2 Responses

  1. Hi. You may not be able to find a battery power pack that would work for this. However, USB hard drive adapters come with a power supply that plugs into the wall. Cool blog by the way. –

    • Thanks, mate. Nice suggestion, indeed. I was thinking of buying one of the USB/IDE/SATA adapters, and I’m certain that they come with power supply. Just have to solder wiring, switch and MOLEX connector.

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