Tank’s favorite supply depot.

For quite some time I wanted to do a write up about my favorite Japanese super market that we have near by. There are 3 Japanese market places that I know of. 2 of them are on Manhattan, and going there is a pain in the neck. There is no parking there at all, and dragging all the purchases on the train is not a very good option either. So I go to Mitsuwa Marketplace.

It is not exactly around the corner, though. About 35-40 minutes driving cross Manhattan and you are in New Jersey, another 10 minutes north and I’m in the town of Edgewater, New Jersey, parked in front of Mitsuwa.

It has everything under one roof: shop, several small cafés, car accessories store, and personal favorite – huge food court.

Huge selection of miso products. Personally, I mastered cooking soup only.

Store bentou – a packed lunch box. I reckon it is a far from being a delicacy in Japan, and probably one of the last items in a lunch food selection list. But out here, across Pacific, I consider it a treat.

Onigiri – rice balls (shaped like triangles, though) with stuffing inside, on the top shelf, yummmmm…
Buy them every time, it’s a pity that they can’t be stored overnight.

Various pastries sold here as well. Tried Mont Blank keiki – delicious.

Still desperate to find a Chocolate Cornet, it’s a pity that they don’t bake those here. ^_^


Various liquors.

Spotted a bottle of sparkling sake. It was an instant buy. Tried it later on, quite tasty.


Food court at it’s best. Of you are looking to try an original Japanese convenience food – it’s as close as it can get to a real one.


Certain attribute of the Japanese food place is a plastic food on display. First time I came here, I was amazed by how realistic food looks.

Nice view on Manhattan opens up from the food court floor.

Had a curry rice plate for lunch, that time. Tasted really good,but the one that I cook myself is better, though.

Every time leaving Mitsuwa I feel a little sad. But there’s always next time, I know that I’ll come back soon.


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