Tank Barges into Fort Tilden and Breezy Point. Part 3.

It is certainly true what they say that memories tend to fade over time. Looking back on my trip, I find it hard to remember all the details. Teaches me a lesson, though, to post right after the event. How to find time for all that, I wonder.
Picking up from where I lest the story hanging. Left that god forsaken, fake surf club, went around the block and started heading for the beach.

Few block pass and I saw it – a small path, heading towards the ocean. It looked like a stairs to the heaven, so do speak. According to the signs dogs don’t go to the heaven after all.

Not certain what these poles are for, but they reminded me of a “Torii” – gates in front of Buddhist temples.

Aggressive birds, sign could be explained by another sing on the side of the path. Apparently this beach is a nesting area for several bird species and they become quite violent protecting their young ones.

Beach houses along the coastline.

Finally I reached the beach. I was alone there, not a single sound, just wind gushing by, and a sound of waves rolling on the sand.

In front of me laid a pristine blue vastness.





Few ships on the horizon and not a single human soul around. Place of rest and relaxation, indeed.

It was so peaceful and calm there, even a Road Runner felt like taking a nap.




Skies were gloomy, wind was quite strong, and it started getting chilly on the beach, so I started heading back. There’s a bicycle path that lies between the coastline and beach houses.

One of the houses that I would like to live in. Probably cost about a $mil or so.

And some more. I’m pretty certain that most of the houses on the beach are only occupied during summer months. Just wonder can a family live in it whole year round?


Coming back late in the afternoon, skies were getting dark, and sun was slowly leaning towards horizon giving a heaven like vista. View over Manhattan Beach and Kingsborough Community College.

Enjoyed this trip very much. Surely have to repeat it in summer.


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