Pre-Christmas loot.


HLJ – Hobby Link Japan, that is. One of my favorite online anime-related merchandise store had a Pre-Christmas sale and free shipping offer, certainly I could not miss on this one. It’s a pity that there weren’t any interesting figures on sale, but instead I got few other goodies to fill my shelves with.

Was quite a surprise, when I found out that my order will be shipped to US not by SAL or EMS but via FedEx. Just wonder will FedEx become a third shipping option for HLJ?

I must notice that FedEx is a strange carrier, in a good way, though. Sometimes it doesn’t stick to it’s delivery estimates. What happened to me couple of times is FedEx bloke will bring a package one or two days earlier, so you have to check their tracking system every day to track real package progress. Same thing happened this time – package was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, but arrived at my door today, hooray to FedEx.

1/24 scale Yosimura race team motorcycles

My first Gundam model – 1/100 Vent Savior Gundam. Now I just HAVE to watch the series.

Kind`a startled with the quantity of fine pieces and my inability to read instruction manual. Have to figure it out somehow.

Any suggestions for the beginner Gundam modeler?


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