Tank got a mobile armor unit under his command.

So, the build is over. Spent about 6 hour over two days on this Gundam, care to remind that was my first build, but everything went smooth, though.

And here we have it: 1/100 Vent Savior Gundam from Seed vs. Astray.


Enjoyed this build quite a lot. Not only because it’s a new experience, I’ve been into modeling before. But what I’ve done in the past is nothing like that at all.


Back in the days I used to assemble airplanes, tanks, armored infantry carriers, things of that nature. At least, I tried to assemble them. Parts had to be glued, and they had a tendency not to fit together at all. Most of the times I just got frustrated and the whole kit was usually set flying all around the room and ends up in a trash bin. Gruesome times were those, horrid kits as well.


Gundam kits, on the other hand are magnificent. So easy to assemble. I’m not really a good painter, don’t even have an air brush kit and/or enamels. Certainly have to by a set of Gundam markers later on. Another thing that I have to work on is how to properly clean little mold remains on the sides of the detail. Removing them with paper cutter works, but not very well. Every so often I either make a white spot, especially on hard casts, or cut too deep, leaving the ridge.


Shall wait for the next anime convention to stock on more for cheap. Shall try one of the 1/60 kits, those should be astonishing. ThanX for everybody at Figure.fm for the useful advices.


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