Night in the City.

Well, seems like it had become a habit for me to go out to the City almost every weekend. Not like I don’t like it, it’s just uncommon to me. And just this afternoon we finally got snow in New York City, it started snowing around 2 o`clock in the afternoon, we’ll probably get around 1.5 to 2 centimeters of snow tonight.

Departing from Brooklyn, tracks and platform already lightly covered with snow.

When I got out of the train in the City it was already snowing a bit harder. Franky saying I was really, really waiting for snow this season, knowing that neighboring states already had their fair share of snow, some of them got it too much, I must say. Glad to observe all this white mist in the air, and bear a hope for “white Christmas”.

Was passing by union Square. There is a holiday market there.

Tents with a bunch of different stuff.

Like the effect of the flash photography while it is snowing.

Being around the neighborhood I couldn’t miss the chance to visit my favorite pub – McSorleys it is I already briefly described it in one of the older articles. Now snapped some more photos and will go over it one more time.

A cast iron stove with a kettle on top standing right in the middle of the bar, they actually burn coal in it, gets pretty warm when you sit right next to it.

Blokes dressed in a gray jackets are the waiters, nice people they are, rob you off on the tips.

Christmas spirit is in the air. This place got holiday decorations as well.

Arts, articles and old photographs are all over the pub’s walls.

A set of police badges. Probably presented by police officers, who were frequenters of this pub.

In the older article I mentioned wishbones on the lamp all covered with dust, didn’t have the photograph that time, how foolish of me, but here it is, and the story is as follows.
In times of World War 2 soldiers, going to the front had their last turkey dinner at this place. They hang the turkeys wishbone on the lamp right above the bar stand, and left. Those who returned took wishbones back from the lamp. The owners of those, left hanging never came back, and ’till now they are left untouched. Sad story isn’t it?

Good saying indeed. For my being to this place haven’t encountered a single bar fight. Wonder if there was any?

Again, in the older article mentioned the floor and wooden shavings on it. And now the floor actual.


When I went out of the pub it was snowing like there is no tomorrow. Heck, we’ll surely get much more the 2 centimeters of snow this weekend, good!

Brought a loot from a hobby store in the City. A bunch of Tamiya spray paints. The reason be that I really like to paint and panel line my next Gundam model that will be arriving soon. We’ll see how that venture will turn out to be.


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