Another Pre-Christmas Acquisition

Recently, I’ve introduced myself to a Gundam modeling. As it tunned out to be, this hobby is addictive as hell!

Shortly after fully assembling my first model, I ordered another three. Using those Christmas online sales in full.

My biggest acquisition so far, and my first Master Grade Gundam that I shall be putting together – Striker Freedom Gundam “Full Burst Mode”. Actually, package arrived yesterday, but I was too involved with the kit, to scramble a posting. Writing this a day later have different views on the build.
Peculiar fact is that, at first I didn’t want to paint this Gundam at all, giving it a second thought, I have to drop some paint on it no matter what.
As far as the other two kits go, I have something in mind for them as well.

RX-78/C.A. Will get painted first. Looking at it, I thought that it might be a simple model to brush my skills up. Plain red scheme with black skeleton.

Zaku Minelayer in flat black. Stumbled across this image on HLJ while shopping around, would like to implement more-or-less exact color scheme.
Stop by for a progress on teh builds.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, a Full burst mode, that’s the best gundam in SEED series for me.
    I will buy Strike Freedom next January, but I cannot afford for this FBM.

  2. […] here it goes. In one of my previous articles I was bragging about custom painting MS-06F Zaku Minelayer. Really like the grey/black color […]

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