1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam: full burst mode. Asembly complete.

First time building an MG kit. Second time building a Gundam, heh. Started a little bit slow. Took me about two days to assemble whole kit. Darn, so many pieces, and that gold plated parts, have to be careful not to scrape the paint.


Hadn’t applied the decals, nor panel lined it, yet. Waiting for an airbrush kit to arrive, will disassemble, paint it, and then do panel lining, decals and clear.


But even without all that Gundam looks perfect. Great joint motion.




Gold plated pieces surely add a spark.


Looks so, bloody, “bad-ass”.
The only downside that I can point out is the weapon mounts on the palms, it’s a plain pin and a socket type mounts. Socket in in the weapon, pint is on the palm. The issue be, that the connection isn’t very secure at all, with a little twitch it comes loose. The fingers are moving, but they can’t provide a proper grip.

Took a liberty of painting white pieces on the weapons with a spray can, and panel line them. That was a mistake, turned out quite sloppy.

Got a couple of Gundam markers in the mail during build, Vent Savior was due for panel lining anyways.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck on your 1st MG!
    Btw, 2 days to complete the snap-fit process of an MG is fast.

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