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    • UPS lost my package with 32GB HP Touchpad ordered from bestbuy.com on last minute fire sale. AARGH! 5 years ago
    • Just Pre Registered for Otacon 2011! C U in Baltimore. 5 years ago
    • Passing through Philly on the way back from a business trip. Having a Philly cheese steak at a local diner. 5 years ago
    • Hokkaido fair at Mitsuwa supermarket. Having a great miso ramen. 6 years ago
    • Aquarium with electronic fish. aka Secret Project.: http://wp.me/pGGTX-aw 6 years ago
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    • Desk Diary 20160906
      This post was due to go up in May but then a bunch of stuff just happened (as it does) - all good stuff though like Anime Expo and a bunch of new license deals with Bandai Visual, Sunrise and more. Much has changed since we last had a look at Desk Diary - not just layout of the office, shop and home but also the equipment that I use which has in turn changed […]
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      Photos taken at the recent Hobby Maker B2B event organised by Good Smile Company and held in Akihabara the other day. The event is usually held after Wonfes so that buyers and license holders can meet with the makers without being bounced left n right by the hordes at Wonder Festival. Anything in this post tickle your fancy? At the moment I'm working wi […]
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      Its absolutely boiling hot in Tokyo right now and Summer has only just started! The rainy season finished last week and it looks like its going to be another hot n muggy Summer. Last year wasn't too bad as I got to head South to Sydney for SMASH so I got to escape for a bit. This year however, a lot of things are changing in my life (which is basically […]
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      Anime Expo 2016 took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1st - 4th. We attended for our 7th (!???) year in a row. Our booth was located in the West Lobby this year as the South Lobby became a safety hazard - they removed all vendors from that hall apart from the AX shop. My panel was held on Saturday 2nd from 10:15AM - 11:45AM at LP4/LACC 41 […]
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Aquarium with electronic fish. aka Secret Project.

Not so long ago was browsing You Tube and stumbled across several videos showing an actual working PC inside aquarium filled with mineral oil. That exact second it hit me – Do want! Having tons of spare parts laying around the corners of my apartment It seemed fairly easy and inexpensive to build one.


Motherboard: Biostar TA790GXB A2+
CPU: AMD Athlon FX-62 x64 Dual core 2.8GHz
Video: EVGA Nvidia GeForce 210 512MB HDMI
Storage: 3.2TB total:
– 2 2.5 laptop HDDs 250Gb each in RAID 0. Drives that I had stashed were 5200rpm and will be quite slow standalone, striped, on the other hand, will be both quiet and quick.
– 4 3.5 desktop HDDs 2x500GB, 750GB and 1TB mouted in 3U hot swappable backplane.
– 3 port external MOLEX connectors came very handy got mine a while ago from newegg for about $5.
– PSU power extension cord – a must have item, mine was built into the old case.

And so I started.

First of all -the aquarium itself – $30 at Walmart.

Quiet air pump – $14 Walmart. How can aquarium be without bubbles. As it turned out to be pump is not very quiet at all, but still usable.

Donor case.

Glued on/off and reset switches with activity lights under the top cover underneath feed door so it’ll stay hidden.

Gutted the case, leaving back wall, IO panel and side fan mount.

Further trimming it to fit and attaching an extension plate.

Back side.

Motherboard test fit.

Fits like a glove. All rough edges and indecencies will later be covered by a hood.

First dry run and windows installation.

Gutting the power supply. Exposing it delicious internals.

First fit inside aquarium.

It sat really, really tight.

So it was decided to get rig of a big, modular power supply and go with a tiny one that was left over from older microITX build.

Now, there’s much more room for oil circulation.

And gravel, and seaweed, and marbles and even a sunken castle!

Now, proceeding to the filler – Mineral Oil. Got it from ebay at ~$15 a gallon. Apart from it’s main use as an aquarium PC liquid – it’s used as a horse laxative as well.

All prepped and ready to be filled.

Topped off and running on the shelf.

Had to add some more oil later.

HDD drive cage on the side.



Got two neon glow wires from ebay automotive section for $10. Look really awesome in dark.







So, there you have it!Two days labor, about $150 excluding computer parts and a whole lot of wow factor sitting on the shelf!
Besides that it’s a fully functional media center PC and a home file server.

2 Responses

  1. Thats friggin awesome O_O I’d be so paranoid it’d break somehow😄

  2. How totally fun. What a great thing to have on a shelf for a topic starter. I bet it runs nice and cool with the mineral oil. It is so strange to me that mineral oil is non-conductive. Very cool indeed.

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