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  • Twitting From the Inside of Iron Shell

    • @ASUS How long does it take to replace a broken Video Card? Sent an RMA for GTX1070 16 days ago still no response! 3 weeks ago
    • UPS lost my package with 32GB HP Touchpad ordered from bestbuy.com on last minute fire sale. AARGH! 5 years ago
    • Just Pre Registered for Otacon 2011! C U in Baltimore. 6 years ago
    • Passing through Philly on the way back from a business trip. Having a Philly cheese steak at a local diner. 6 years ago
    • Hokkaido fair at Mitsuwa supermarket. Having a great miso ramen. 6 years ago
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    • Lace Sports Bra Available Now
      Lace Sports Bra for #smartdoll available now. スマートドール用レーススポーツブラ通販開始。 https://shop.smartdoll.jp/collections/innerwear/products/sports-bra-shorts-set-lingerie https://www.instagram.com/p/BX-U8cTBrUu/
    • Lace Sports Bra
      Lace Sports Bra Set for #smartdoll available from tomorrow. スマートドール用レーススポーツブラセット明日から販売開始。 https://www.instagram.com/p/BX8DPPohM5q/
    • Switzerland Tourism Ambassador
      With the Switzerland Tourism Ambassador Rayun-sensei today at Culture Japan HQ. https://www.instagram.com/p/BX8C9othBFA/
    • How's Your Friday
      How's your Friday so far? https://www.instagram.com/p/BX8CxQrh-_j/
    • Photo Session With Starlight
      Photo session with Starlight #smartdoll outside Mirai Store Tokyo today. スターライトちゃんが試作のブラウズとローライズジーンズをミライストアの外で披露。 https://www.instagram.com/p/BX8Cd82BPR4/
  • View from the ocular.


Oi, mates, welcome to my blog.

For quite some time I was mighty skeptical about all that bloging, twitting, photo sharing stuff. Thought that I shall never get a hang of it. But the sheer fact of me typing this words right now, means that all my skepticism is gone. All over sudden I caught myself on a fact that I would really like to keep track of my own life. For instance last five years blew pass me like an express train, and all my memories are in total blur.

My first timid attempts to write a plain travel journal ended up nowhere. My second most favorable hobby – photography helped to brighten things up a little bit and make juice flowing.

About self:

Some bloke from NYC – so I introduce myself. Aka Al-Tank – nick originated back in the days of Counter Strike LAN massacres, yep was always barging ahead, wielding a machine gun.

Interests besides photography: hiking, usually several hours to one day hikes, recreational cycling. As far as sports go, I do enjoy watching Formula 1 races.

I am a part of anime, manga, cosplay and figures fandom as well. Got hooked on anime in 2008 – changed my life, I kid you not.

Hope you’ll enjoy all that ravings, that I call posts. Have a good time. Shall the internets be with you.

4 Responses

  1. welcome to blogging.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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